$185.00 X


How inconvenient is it to get your power tubes replaced and biased? How many frustrations have you had with failing tubes? By popular request, Diamond has instituted a service program to assist you with your tube maintenance! So welcome to the Diamond Service Program...


For an annual fee, you are entitled to one free power tube replacement and bias service for each year that you are a member of the Diamond Service Program. Simply sign up and when you're ready, click the "Request Service Now" link below, fill out the information and await your e-mailed instructions. Then simply follow the instructions to send your amp to us for the tube replacement and bias. We will send your amp back to you within 48 hours of receiving it. That simple!

As an added benefit, power tubes replaced under the Diamond Service Program carry a 6 month warranty rather than the usual 60-day warranty!


For a small additional fee, you can receive an extended warranty on your tubes that not only extends the power tube warranty from 6 months to 12 months, you get an added 12 month warranty on your preamp tubes as well, regardless of their age. If at any time during your 1-year service membership you have a preamp tube fail, simply contact us and we will send you a factory spec replacement preamp tube at no cost!


  • USA Custom 100watt Service Program membership: $185 (shipping not included)
  • USA Custom Extended Tube Warranty program: $40
  • Class A Service Program Membership: $85 (shipping not included)
  • Class A Extended Tube Warranty Program: $25


The fees above are "per amp." If you have multiple Diamond products, you must pay separately for each amp you want covered. Your warranty programs cover your tubes with factory spec exact replacements. It does not entitle you to upgrades or access to tubes we don't use. As well, it does not cover tubes purchased by you other than from the factory, or replaced by you separately. Modifying your amp (unless done by the factory) can void your tube warranty. Shipping is always the cost of the customer. Shipping is not included in your Service Program price. This offer is valid only to US residents. Canada and International customers may not participate at this time. Offer not valid on Vanguard Series products including, at this time.