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After 30 years, Seymour Duncan company manufactures much more than electric guitar pickups. The finest in bass pickups under the brand name "Basslines" were next, then Seymour's authentic replications of pickups from the 50's and 60's, aptly named Antiquity and Antiquity II, respectively. Then Benedetto jazz guitar pickups and finally the union of Seymour Duncan and Rick Turner to form D-TAR, Duncan-Turner Acoustic Research.

Here's your chance to customize your Diamond Guitar and, if it didn't come with Seymour Duncan's have them added! And you can choose ANY Seymour Set you want!  Yes, sir.  Any set.  Same price.

What do you get?

  • Any set* of Seymour Duncan pickups you want, installed, in any Diamond or DBZ/Diamond guitar (*Does not apply to Antiquity pickups.  Antiquity series pickups can be installed but there will be an up-charge).
  • Installed at the Diamond factory in Houston
  • Full warranty as factory OEM (if installed when purchased, or full warranty on the pickups if installed after you own your guitar)
  • The pickups that were originally installed in the guitar are INCLUDED with your purchase so you get to keep them too!

Option 1:

This option applies if you HAVE NOT already purchased your Diamond guitar OR have already ordered your Diamond guitar but is has NOT already left us to come to you or your Diamond retailer.

  1. Purchase this upgrade right here!
  2. Order your guitar from your Diamond retailer.
  3. Notify your retailer that you have purchased this Seymour Duncan upgrade kit from us so they can notify us when they order!

If you are selecting this option, choose either INSTALLED OEM or 7-STRING INSTALLED OEM as your choice from the drop down menu.

Option 2:

This option applies if you HAVE already purchased your Diamond or DBZ/Diamond guitar and you have it, it's at your Diamond retailer, or already on the way there.  Option 2 does not include pre-orders for a guitar you are waiting on, the key here is, has that guitar already left us and shipped to you or your retailer.  If it has, you're in the right place.  If it has not, look just above at "Option 1".

  1. Purchase this upgrade right here!
  2. Ship your guitar to us.
  3. Get your guitar back from us with your new pickups installed!

If you are selecting this option, choose either INSTALLED AFTER PURCHASE or 7-STRING INSTALLED AFTER PURCHASE as your choice from the drop down menu.

Will I have to pay shipping?

If you choose Option 1, there is no extra shipping charged.  If you have to choose Option 2, there is shipping charged to return your guitar to you.  

How will I select the pickups I want?

After checking out, you will receive an e-mail from us in 1-2 business days.  At that time, you will make your selection.  You will need to know:  (1) which model neck and bridge you want; (2) covered or uncovered; and (3) which guitar it is going into and whether that guitar has a Floyd Rose or not.  After making your selection, we will order the pickups for you. They usually take about 7-10 days to get to us, then install.

Do I get to keep the pickups that were in the guitar originally?

YES.  They'll ship with your guitar.

Will you put them in my _____________________ guitar (that's not one we made)?  


Does the price include installation?


What if I don't like the pickups?

That's the way the cookie crumbles.  We order these special for you, so there are, and listen carefully now, NO RETURNS.


Type: Accessory