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Control your amp from your MIDI controller!  The MAC-2 is designed to control any 1/4" tip to ground switching mechanism. Simply connect your 1/4" cable from a function jack on the MAC-2 to your 1/4" control jack, set the state of the switch, send a MIDI patch change to the MAC-2 and hit write. Every time you select that MIDI preset on your MIDI foot controller, that switch returns to its memorized state.

So, what does this mean for you? Take the simple 2 channel amp - switch off, clean channel - switch on, crunch channel. Set preset 1 accordingly, now when you hit preset 1, your amp switches to the clean channel and your outboard effects switch as well. This allows you to control your outboard MIDI gear and your amp at the same time with your MIDI foot controller providing you one-click control of your amp and effects or more than one amp.

The MAC-2 provides you 4 jacks, 3x1/4" mono jacks, 1x1/4" TRS (stereo) jack for a total of 5 functions, which means the MAC-2 can control up to 5 functions like effects functions activated through 1/4" jacks, amp channel switching or features, or anything else in nearly any combination you can dream up. Control 2 amps, one amp and multiple effects pieces, etc.

MIDI functions can be nearly any MIDI preset and on every MIDI channel. Functions can be set for latching switches or momentary switches.


 5 Functions (latching or momentary)

 4 Jacks (3x mono, 1x TRS)

 MIDI In, Thru

 Steel Chassis, 1/2 rack space, universal mounting

 AC adapter included (9-18vac)

 MIDI Channels (Omni, 1-16)

 120 customizable presents


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