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About Positron

posåáiåátron - [poz-i-tron].

‰ÛÒnoun Physics.
an extremely small piece of matter with a positive electrical charge, having the same mass as an electron.


Born from the Del Fuego, our amazingly popular 18watt, Class A, 2 channel fire-breather, the Positron takes all the best parts of a Del Fuego and wraps them in a smaller, more portable and very cost effective package that anyone can throw over their shoulder and have their tone to go. The Positron is exactly as the name implies ‰ÛÒ extremely small and positively charged (to say the least).

The Positron is a quality, hand-built amplifier in the time-honored tradition of a famous and sought-after early 1960‰۪s British model. It delivers revered vintage-type distortion without the ‰ÛÏdomestic havoc‰۝ and it is lightweight enough to save your back while still having the power to be gigable even in combination with 2 4x12‰۪s. Each Positron is hand wired on a hand-built fiberglass eyelet board using components selected for reliability and superior sonic character. Simple enough to use for even your drummer, the Positron features one channel, with only a Volume and Tone knob to contend with. The Positron uses three 12AX7, two EL84 power tubes, and a solid-state rectifier.

This amp is hand wired, Class A at it‰۪s finest. True tube, true Class A, true clean/blues/vintage breakup, true Texas. The Positron is redefining vintage yet again.

The Diamond Process

Diamond began with one goal--give the players the tone and features they need, with the durability necessary to stand up to the abuse of the road. Now Diamond is becoming the benchmark against which all other amplifiers are judged. Diamond‰۪s iconic high-powered amplifiers have now paved the way for a top-down redesign of Class A and vintage redefined amplifiers, proving Diamond to be the all around choice for players of any class or genre.

Hand-crafted in Texas, Diamond builds amps one way - by hand and with the finest engineering available. Each amplifier goes through a 64 point quality control test to ensure reliability and consistency. Using only the finest components available, each amp is individually crafted to ensure you have the experience you want, an amp that delivers - every time - and is Guaranteed for Life.

Diamond products continue to occupy the summit of passionate desires and performance delivered to musicians worldwide as Diamond continues to reinvent what amplifiers should be. To own one is not just a privilege. It‰۪s an invitation to both contentment and creation.

Diamond. It's what's on-stage.

Positron Features

  • Controls: Volume, Tone, On/Off, Standby
  • Channels: 1
  • Covering: Black Tolex
  • Logo: Etched Zinc logo
  • Tubes: 3 x 12AX7 preamp and 2 x JJ/Tesla EL84 power
  • Power: 18 Watts
  • Power rating: Class A
  • Construction: Hand wired eyelet board

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Type: Amp