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The standard Diamond Guitars warranty gives you a full year, bumper-to-bumper, WITHOUT having to register. You're covered no matter what. To read the details of our warranty, read our WARRANTY page. 


If you have a problem, we'll fix it. If we can't, we'll replace it.

With the Extended Service Plan, you get a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, a real one, that doesn't require you send your special warranty card within 4 minutes of purchase by registered federal delivery! When you add it on, it's done. That simple. Check out the full extent of the Extended Service Plan below. 


1) SO WHAT DO I GET IF I DON'T GET THE WARRANTY? Your Premium Diamond Warranty is always included with the purchase of any NEW Diamond guitar from any AUTHORIZED Diamond retailer. All you need is to save your proof of purchase (or hope your retailer did).

2) WHAT IF I BOUGHT MY NEW DIAMOND GUITAR BETWEEN 1/1/17 AND 4/2/17, CAN I STILL GET THE EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN? Yes, just purchase 1 Extended Service Plan for every Diamond guitar you want to cover before 5/2/17 and your set. Purchased before 1/1/17? Sorry. We can't go back forever. :(

3) WILL THE PURCHASE OF 1 EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN COVER ALL 5 OF MY GUITARS? Um, no. It's 1 per guitar. If you have multiple Diamond guitars, just go back and re-register each of them and add in the date of your purchase of your Extended Service Plan. We'll re-verify them and update our records.

4) WHAT IF I DIDN'T GET MY GUITAR FROM YOU, CAN I STILL GET THE WARRANTY? No, sorry. It is only applicable for NEW Diamond guitars purchased from diamondguitars.com

5) HOW DO I GET WARRANTY SERVICE? If you need warranty service, simply head to our Tech Support page and send us as many details as you can. After you've heard from our tech, we'll send you an RMA number and the shipping address to send your guitar to. The rest is simply kick back and let us do our thing. 

6) IS SHIPPING COVERED? Shipping to us is covered by you. Shipping back from us is covered by us.

7) CAN I GET THE EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN OUTSIDE THE US AND CANADA? Unfortunately we can't, but it's not our fault!

8) WILL I REALLY GET MY GUITAR REPLACED? As we said above, if we can fix it, we will. If we can't, we'll replace it.

9) WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE MY COVERED GUITAR ANYMORE? We'll replace it with a comparable model, if it needs to be replaced. But don't worry, we'll work with you to pick one out. 

10) WHAT IF MY SINGER BROKE MY GUITAR? Yeah, um, not covered.


For any Diamond Guitars customer who purchases the Extended Service Plan, you shall enjoy a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty applies to the original owner only, and is not transferable under any circumstances.

Your new Diamond Guitars instrument is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner, if used under normal operating conditions, subject to the limitations described below. This warranty applies to any Diamond guitar purchased as NEW from diamondguitars.com. Please retain your original sales receipt as proof of purchase. If you need to file a warranty claim in the future, you can send in a photocopy of your receipt at that time.

This warranty does NOT cover the following:

Any instrument that was not purchased from diamondguitars.com.
Any instrument that has been modified or customized after shipment from Diamond Guitars.
Any instrument that has been serviced by unauthorized persons.
Any instrument whose serial number is missing, or has been altered in any way.
Any instrument that has been damaged due to misuse, neglect or accident.
Any instrument that has been subjected to extreme humidity or temperature conditions.
Normal wear and tear on any serviceable part of the instrument, including electronic controls and switches, jacks, worn frets, plated surfaces, tuning machines, scratches in pick guards or plastic parts, saddles and nuts; normal paint wear and tear including damages, discoloration, and paint shrinkage of the instrument finish for any reason.
Defects in finishes such as cracks, splitting, or warping of wood due to changes in temperature or humidity, exposure to sun, fire, moisture, body salts and acids, other chemicals or non-industry approved polishes.
Regular maintenance of the instrument, including string changes, truss rod adjustments, set-up, intonation and action adjustment.
Subjective issues such as tonal characteristics, grade, grain or color of wood or finish, or relative weight.

Parts and Components are limited to a 3-year replacement if defective, subject to the limitation above.

Shipping charges to Diamond Guitars for warranty service are covered by you. Shipping back to you is covered by us.

If we are unable to repair your guitar, we will replace it with a Comparable Guitar. A Comparable Guitar is the same body style and paint/hardware/specifications. If we are unable to replace it with a Comparable Guitar, we will provide alternatives to you based on body style or series.

If a return is to be made to Diamond Guitars, the customer must first obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#) by phone or email. If the RA# is not clearly marked on the package being returned, it will be refused. Diamond Guitars will inspect any returned instrument, and upon approval, and at the sole discretion of Diamond Guitars, will replace any part or parts deemed defective. Diamond Guitars reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized or available at the time of repair in the event that the original materials are no longer available. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the instrument to Diamond Guitars; please provide insurance and pack the instrument properly! Diamond Guitars will pay the insurance and shipping costs to send the instrument back.


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